Welcome To Our Allotments

Alloa Allotment Association is sited at Keilersbrae in Sauchie, just behind the Arnold Clark Garage, across from the new hospital. The site has 26 plots some of which are divided into 1/2 sized plots giving at time of writing 37 unit or plot members.
The current cost of a full plot is only, 40.00 per annum or 20.00 for a half plot. Plots vary in size but some of the larger full plots can be just under 200 square metres.
Alloa Allotment Association has a varied history, but was granted a 25 year lease in 2012.

Allotment gardening is a wonderful activity, combining gentle exercise in the fresh air with the satisfaction which comes from growing vegetables and fruit from seeds and seedlings to maturity.
This website will help you, particularly during that difficult first year should you join us, when there seems to be so much to do and learn and so little time.
Gardening is, of course, a constant study and you’ll soon move from the basic advice provided here.
But that’s one of the strengths of allotments - they are a community, and there’s always someone who can provide you with advice.
Most of all, allotment gardening should be a pleasure. Whether you choose to compete in one of the local competitions or prefer simply the enjoyment of being out of doors, almost in the Countryside, yet just a step away from home; it is a time of relaxation and creativity. Good gardening and enjoy.
An allotment is simply a piece of , usually public, land set aside for the express purpose of being rented to individuals to enable them to grow food.
In our case, at Keilersbrae Allotment site we have subdivided the plots just to get more people in, which has reduced the waiting lists and times.
We are owned by Clackmannan Council who have provided the lease to us, and the elected committee control the allotments under a constitution and rules which the members have approved.